"You're allowed to be humiliating, degrading and hurtful. I'm allowed to petition you to at least recognize what you say and be aware of the option you have to stop." Tim Shriver

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thank You, Sephora!

They did it! Sephora removed the Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick titled "Celebutard"! Tweets, blogs, Facebook messages and more added up to one of the quickest responses I have seen thus far in this journey of trying to spread the word to end the word.

Kat Von D - Painted Love Lipstick 

Painted Love Lipstick

ITEM # 1266501 SIZE 0.11 oz
COLOR Celebutard - nude peach beige

If you visit Sephora.com there is no longer a trace of the shade so insensitively called "Celebutard". . .


Painted Love Lipstick

ITEM # 1085612 SIZE 0.11 oz
COLOR Lolita - dusty rose

Is it exhausting even trying to figure out which battles you choose and which you don't? Absolutely. What's even more exhausting is the passion with which so many people have in hanging on to the word "retarded". This is just one of many, many battles, but this one has a happy ending, an ending that made me feel like doing some holiday shopping. 

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If you have any beauty needs-- check out the fun deal Sephora has right now- with any $25 purchase you can pick out a fun little bag of goodies. 

I'm stocking up on one of my favorites for everything from chapped lips, to raw little, runny noses-- Joey loves this stuff.  I use it on his cheeks when they get chapped in the winter wind and on his nose when it's red from being sick.

And here is another awesome stocking stuffer--


Vanilla Grapefruit Fragrance

ITEM # 1005214
0.33 oz Eau de Parfum Rollerball

It's nice when a story has a happy ending, isn't it? Happy Wednesday and thank you again, Sephora for listening to your customers, parents, families and everyone who wants to shop in a world that respects all of our differences.

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